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The new standard in durability and impact protection, the elite series heel saviors will double to triple the impact protection of stock insoles and increase impact protection to the max when placed under footprint insoles. Sloping from 6 mm to 2mm, the heel saviors will fit comfortable in any shoe. A highly resilient skin protects the inner foam for lasting durability and protection from blowouts. Expect these to last all year.

What’s Included: Two “Heel Saviors” protectors

DIRECTIONS: simply slip under insole. If shoe has slippery foot bed, apply double sided tape to bottom of shoe. If placing under Gamechangers custom orthotics, remold them with the Heel Saviors placed in the shoe.
True to size fit guarantee
Follow these steps and if the shoes don’t fit, we will pay for your return shipping.
Measure the length of the center line of insoles in your current shoes and buy the corresponding size:
size: US 6,5 | EU 39,5 | 25cm Insole
size: US 7 | EU 40 | 25,5cm Insole
size: US 7,5 | EU 40,5 | 26cm Insole
size: US 8 | EU 41 | 26,5cm Insole
size: US 8,5 | EU 42 | 27cm Insole
size: US 9 | EU 42,5 | 27,5cm Insole
size: US 9,5 | EU 43 | 28cm Insole
size: US 10 | EU 44 | 28,5cm Insole
size: US 10,5 | EU 44,5 | 29cm Insole
size: US 11 | EU 45 | 29,5cm Insole
size: US 11,5 | EU 45,5 | 30cm Insole
size: US 12 | EU 46 | 30,5cm Insole

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